Attentive. Professional. Thorough.

The basic need for any Californians struggling with the law is an attorney who pays close attention to their needs and their outcomes. For families in San Diego facing immigration, estate planning or family law matters, it is important to rely on legal professionals who build solutions instead of picking fights.

At the Chung Law Firm LLP, we consider constructive approaches to the law superior to outright litigiousness. We will work hard to cover every legal detail and find a way forward that will make your problems easier to confront. Read more about our dedication to you by reading our bios here:

How We Work For You

In the law there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any problem. Every case, every law, is a combination of negotiation, litigation and legislation. This means that your matter requires an unyielding focus and that is what we offer. Our lawyers will:

  • Prioritize your needs: You have a problem that requires a solution. That solution needs to discuss what you value most. Your values will be at the forefront of our work.
  • Consider every angle: Your solution must be tailored to you. Beyond knowing what you need, we also know what is possible in the law. We work to bridge those two principles.
  • Relieve your stress: A legal problem or concern is by its nature stressful. We provide personal guidance and thorough understanding to alleviate those concerns.

Your problems deserve a resolution that you can live with and that does not place a heavy burden on your family.

Bilingual. Free Consultations.

The partners of our firm are bilingual speaking both English and Mandarin. We work to build solutions for immigrants and people who struggle with the American legal system on terms they can understand.

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