Planning For The Future

An effective estate plan covers more than creating a last will and testament. When you meet with a La Jolla estate planning attorney, we'll talk about your overall estate as well as your future financial goals. We want to make sure that we take everything into consideration to help your family avoid the delays caused by probate and ensure the wealth you amassed during your life passes to your heirs as simple as possible.

Basic Estate Planning

When you have a modest estate, you may need only a will to protect your heirs. Combined with other documents such as powers of attorney, your last wishes will be carried out as per your wishes. We can provide you with all of the basic documents you need to ensure your property is distributed in accordance with your wishes.

More Complex Estates Require Advance Planning

A revocable living trust is a document which creates a separate entity to hold your assets. For most people, this means during their lifetime, they act as the trustee and upon their death, a successor trustee takes over. Trust agreements allow you to keep the details of the value and disposition of your estate private; unlike a will which becomes a matter of public record. This is also a good planning tool for tax purposes.

Assets such as your real estate investments, automobiles and bank accounts can be transferred into your trust and you control those assets while you are alive. Upon your death, the successor trustee follows the instructions you provide for the distribution of your assets. Without a plan in place, your assets could be distributed by the probate court which gives you less control.

Get Started Drafting Your Estate Plan

People in and around San Diego often have unique needs when it comes to managing their wealth. We can provide you with a plan to ensure your wealth is protected and available for your heirs upon your death. Don't take risks with your assets; let us help you craft an individualized estate plan designed to meet your needs.

Contact Chung Law Firm LLP at 858-952-0711 today to set up a time to meet with an attorney who can help with your estate planning, wealth planning and who can help you draft wills and trust agreements to help provide you with the peace of mind knowing your assets will be protected during your life and after your death. Do not take chances on allowing the courts to make these important decisions on your behalf.