We Pay Close Attention To Your Legal Needs

When you are struggling with family law or immigration issues, you need an attentive lawyer who is going to thoroughly understand your needs to best guide you. At Chung Law Firm LLP, we help individuals and families in San Diego who are facing divorce, child custody questions, surrogacy matters, green card processes, and a full spectrum of citizenship and naturalization issues. We use our experience and knowledge in these areas of the law to focus on efficient solutions, rather than picking fights.

We consider holistic approaches, including negotiation, before moving toward settling matters in the courtroom. We will work hard to cover every legal detail and find a way forward that will make thinking about your problems less stressful. Please read more about our professional background by following the links here.

We Stay Ahead Of What The Changing Laws Mean To Your Case

State and federal laws are continually changing. Our awareness of evolving policies, what date these policies take effect and how they will affect your case is key to the services we provide our clients. Every case we work on is uniquely purposed to meet our clients’ specific circumstances.

At Chung Law Firm LLP, our core services are centered on meeting your needs. Our lawyers will:

  • Prioritize your needs: You have a problem that requires a solution. That solution needs to encompass your values. Your values remain at the forefront of our work together.
  • Consider every angle: Your solution must be tailored to you. Beyond knowing what you need, we also know what is possible in the law. We work with you to bridge these two principles.
  • Relieve your stress: A legal problem or concern is by its nature stressful. We provide personal guidance and thorough understanding to alleviate the stress of your concerns.

Your problems deserve a resolution that you can live with and that does not place a heavy burden on your family.

Bilingual. Free Consultations.

The partners of our firm are bilingual, speaking both English and Mandarin. We work to build solutions for immigrants and people who are struggling with family law matters in the U.S. The American legal system can be difficult to understand without the help of an experienced attorney. Let us help you resolve your immigration or family law matter in terms you can understand. Call us in La Jolla at 858-952-0711 or complete this form for a free consultation.