Fertility Law

Chung Law Firm, LLP offers bilingual assisted reproductive technology (ART) legal services in Surrogacy Law, Fertility Law, Egg/Sperm Donation Law, Parental Rights, and other related services. Our attorneys are experienced, creative, and passionate in providing legal services in the aforesaid fields of law and possess great legal ethics. The firm offers a superior and personable quality of attention, prides itself on its speed of response, dealing with matters efficiently and conscientiously at all times.

What We Do

  • Surrogacy Law: We develop a customized bilingual surrogacy agreement that protects the health, privacy, and legal rights of you and your family, and your surrogate and her family. We guide you throughout every step of the process – from conception to birth – and negotiate tough issues on your behalf.
  • Egg/Sperm Donation Law: We guide you through each step, with a properly drafted and executed egg donor and/or sperm donor agreement customized to your preferences for anonymity, privacy and future contact.
  • Parental Rights: We provide comprehensive legal representation in all aspects of family creation process, including parental establishment documents, necessary court appearances, and additional legal services if parentage is disputed or in question.
  • Fertility Law: We specialize in making sure that every step of the fertility process is conducted in the correct legal manner according to current fertility law.

Why Us

  • Bilingual: Chinese and English
  • Focus on Chinese-speaking clients with proven success
  • Long-standing relationships with surrogacy agencies and in vitro clinics
  • Flexible work hours for overseas clients
  • Constant communication and prompt response
  • Family law litigation and financial planning background