How Is Military Divorce Different?

With the large naval presence in San Diego, it is important to remember that military personnel and their families face difficulties that others do not. If you or your spouse are an active or retired service member and are considering divorce, you want to have representation that is sensitive to your reality and dedicated to getting you an outcome you can live with.

At the Chung Law Firm LLP, our lawyers understand that when military personnel go through divorce they face unique challenges such as:


Military families in California face important logistical family law difficulties that arise when one party is deployed during proceedings. We work to build amicable agreements that last, but we can also advocate for you while you are away. You can trust that we will work for your best interests while you serve.

Social Circle Impacts

Army spouses often build a large social circle within their spouse’s military community. When they get a divorce, it can feel like they are losing everything, and we understand that difficulty. It is an added stress that we will be sensitive to when we represent you.

Custody And Visitation

When one parent is routinely overseas in dangerous situations, it makes sense that custody must be with the other parent. However, that is not the final word on the subject. We craft a plan to support your right to a relationship with your children.

Child And Spousal Support

Whether it is child support or spousal support, there will certainly be a discussion of how to best approach this topic. It is in the interest of everyone to have a result that is not destructive but constructive.

Attentive To Your Needs. Achieving Your Goals.

With our firm, our attorneys put the maximum effort into finding the solution that eases your troubles. You do not have to face a fight to resolve your issue, you can have a peaceful resolution.

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