Immigration Services You Can Rely On

Immigration is a hot-button topic now and forever. The fact is, people want to come to the wealthiest nation in the world to make a better life for themselves and their families. You need to have an immigration representative who will provide you with comprehensive, informed immigration law service whether you are a student, a family or a business looking for talent overseas.

The attorneys of Chung Law Firm LLP believe in strengthening your immigration status through personalized legal strategies. We look at your history, your circumstances and the law and work with those facts to yield strong results for you. We put a plan in place that can help manage your immigration concerns.

What We Provide To Immigrants And Foreign Nationals

Our firm focuses on providing people looking to move into the United States inclusive immigration legal service. We smooth the way for this move for professionals and families with immigration concerns whether they live in California, Montana, Florida, Maine or anywhere else in the county.

Our unique experience and thorough understanding of immigration law means we can offer you:

  • Information on family visas
  • Experience with green cards
  • Guidance in the citizenship process
  • Advice on work visas

Your situation is different from anyone else in the world. You need to have a personally crafted plan to move forward. This is not about fighting. We resolve each detail to ensure there is nothing missed. We solve your immigration problems before they start.

Guiding You To A New Home

There are many forms and resources for you to review when you have immigration questions. The sheer volume of the paperwork can be intimidating, but with us, you can focus on what you are best at. We consolidate your legal options and provide a plan that is easy to follow.

Contact our San Diego office today for a free consultation with a skilled immigration lawyer. We will speak with you in English or Mandarin, to answer the most important questions you have. Reach us by email or by calling 858-952-0711.