Building A Future

For people across California, divorce is common. That does not make your divorce any less unique or lessen the difficulties you are facing. Your troubles are personal to you and you want a legal team that puts those concerns first.

At the Chung Law Firm LLP, our attorneys build solutions to your problems. We do not pick fights. In divorce, it is vital that you face your problems with a clearheaded thoughtful strategy, and that is what we provide. We look at your situation from all angles and work with you to get through your divorce in a manner you can be happy with.

The Strength Of A Detailed Agreement

Few genuinely want to go to battle to settle their relationship troubles, especially when what matters most is moving on. We work to:

  • Settle the largest questions of property division and support in ways that both sides can agree on
  • Build agreements where neither party feels like they have “lost”
  • Reach a conclusion in a time-sensitive, efficient manner
  • Decrease the stress of ongoing painful litigation

Every fight you have, every sticking point, every conflict always causes damage to both sides. Our goal is to be amicable and consolatory in resolving your divorce. Our methods focus on the details of your matter. The solution that lasts the longest is the one that has the best foundation in the facts and points of the case.

Contact Us For A Detailed Plan

We are dedicated to calmly resolving the divorces of people in San Diego. We listen to your questions and provide the answers that you can trust. We can help you through your problem. Contact us today for a free consultation by emailing us or calling 858-952-0711. Our lawyers are fluent in English and Mandarin.