A Vital Point For Parents

For parents in San Diego going through a divorce, where your children end up living is a huge question. It is a natural aim to keep them close, but that may not be possible depending on the circumstances. You want to have a lawyer who will design a legal plan that will resolve your most pressing questions.

At the Chung Law Firm LLP, our attorneys make getting the access you need to be a parent, a priority. We work to build a solution that will last and preserve the relationship between you and your children for the future.

The Importance Of Parenting

There are few relationships as important as that between a parent and child. It is a foundational experience that sets the tone for a lifetime. You want to be a guide and a confidant for your child and you need the time to do that. It may be difficult, but we will support you in getting that resolution. Our firm will:

  • Work with your spouse’s representation to build an agreement both sides are happy with.
  • Advocate for your access and presence in the life of your child.
  • Ensure that all agreements meet our standards for excellence and professionalism.

California family law considers the best interests of the child in questions of custody and visitation. That is the priority of every action we take. The matter will be decided by a judge, and showing that you are willing to do whatever must be done for your child will be strong evidence in your favor.

Professionalism And Preparedness

Our lawyers prepare you for your custody and visitation concerns by speaking with you and educating you on your situation. We are direct and methodical in providing legal answers, but we also know this is a difficult time for you. We strategize with you to get what you need.

Contact our office today by email or by calling 858-952-0711 for a free initial consultation. Our lawyers are fluent in both English and Mandarin for your convenience.