Frequent Questions On Fathers’ Rights

The attorneys of Chung Law Firm LLP work with families on many areas that require skill, knowledge and attention to detail. That thoroughness and thoughtfulness is most appreciated in assisting fathers in the protection of their child custody and support rights. Fathers’ rights are a complicated issue, and to help guide you we have compiled answers to some of the questions raised to us most often.

What Is Fathers’ Rights?

Fathers’ rights are the rights afforded to fathers. They concern the concept that a father should be able to have a relationship with his children. In family law, the priority is the best interests of the child and sometimes a father’s role in those interests becomes an afterthought.

Do Mothers Always Get Preferential Treatment?

It is a fact that most children do end up in the custody of their mothers. This may be the result of preferential treatment or some other bias. The fact is that more and more California law attempts to give custody to the parent who would provide best for the child.

Do I Have To Be Married To Have Rights As A Father?

A prior marriage to the child’s mother does not necessarily equate to having a better claim to fathers’ rights. While it can help your case, your marital status is not the end of the conversation. If you are a caring father looking for a better relationship with your child, you can get help.

I Am A Donor Can I Sue For Fathers’ Rights?

Fathers’ rights for sperm donors is a complex issue because many donors relinquish their parental rights, as well as other complicated social pressures. However, if you can prove that a relationship with you is in the best interest for your child, then you may be able to get help.

What Can You Do For Me?

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